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Manandum — takes you beyond

Manandum is dealing with the idea that death is not the end but a continuation. The human being is seen as an energy which never dies but transforms itself into something different. The project is inspired by the strong belief to be able to connect with the beyond and to communicate with the deceased. It is a poetic and sensual attempt to bring the invisible to the foreground, to give the untouchable a voice which is perceptible and noticeable. The dancers use movement as a medium to explore the relationship between two energies with a heightened state of sensory awareness, playing with closeness and the space in between, always in connection with each other and the surrounding, holding each other and holding space, while traveling on the cyclical pathway of life and death. They took her away from him as if she was still here He saw her as if she was still here He felt her as if she was still here He heard her as if she was still here, whispering into his ear I am right here


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